• How Ethylene fits into our business

    Ethylene is a critically important production component in the creation of chlorovinyls, making up nearly 50 percent of PVC. It is an irreplaceable part of our business, and a cost-competitive, reliable supply is crucial to the sustainability of Axiall and Lotte.

    Axiall uses ethylene to produce a large line of chlorovinyls. In its Royal Building Products division, this includes PVC products like window profiles, siding, pipe and fittings, mouldings and trim and decking.

    As the fifth-largest PVC producer in the United States, Axiall is also one of the largest ethylene buyers. Integrating into ethylene manufacturing will provide Axiall with a stable source of this key raw material. 

    When LACC is completed, it will provide approximately half of the ethylene Axiall Corporation requires each year.

    Ethylene Production and the MEG Facility 

    Ethylene is also the primary feedstock for the proposed mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) manufacturing facility that will be operated by Lotte Chemical. MEG is used to make antifreeze and engine coolant, polyester fibers that can then be made into polyester and fleece fabrics, upholstery, carpets, pillows, and food-grade and general-purpose bottles.

    The MEG facility, when completed, will utilize an energy-efficient, state-of-the-art process to produce 700,000 metric tons of MEG and derivatives each year.