• Commitment

    At LACC, we believe that our commitment to you, the environment and the communities where we work never ends. Being a good corporate citizen means being a caring partner in business and in the community.

    For us, building a better tomorrow will always be about people.

     Economic Benefits 

    The LACC project, with its $3 billion budget, will begin generating real economic benefits to Southwest Louisiana long before ethylene production begins. These benefits include not only full-time positions, but also the positive impact of higher employment and productivity—increased demand for construction materials, transportation, fuel and much more.  

    Projected Job Gains

    Ethylene Expansion Table

    Safety & The Environment 

    Transforming Earth’s basic elements into the essentials that benefit our society is important, but this work should never be more important than the Earth itself.

    Environmental stewardship and safety are core values at LACC. Our focus on sustainability began in the planning stage of this project and will continue through to production.

    Environmental Assessment  

    In March of 2014, we submitted a wetlands permit application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Goals of this application include:

    • Minimize or avoid wetland impacts.
    • Confirm no presence of threatened or endangered species.
    • Protect existing cultural artifacts/non-historical site.
    • Protect drainage to adjacent properties.
    An air permit application was submitted to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality in February of 2015.