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    Lotte Axiall Ground Breaking  

    Investing in Southwest Louisiana

    Investing in today’s chemistry infrastructure requires a commitment to more than the bottom line. It means caring about the communities where we work, the conservation of the environment and always having an eye towards a sustainable and prosperous future. We understand this at LACC.

    LACC’s development of our new ethylene production facility, along with Lotte’s mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) plant, is designed to meet or go beyond the high standards of responsible business practices in the 21st century. We’re excited to share this opportunity with the people of Southwest Louisiana.

    Key representatives from Lotte Chemical, Axiall Corporation, South Korea and the state of Louisiana broke ground during the June 14 groundbreaking ceremony for the LACC site, where an ethane cracker and MEG plant will soon be built.

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  • About LACC

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    LACC is a joint venture between Axiall Corporation, based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lotte Chemical Corporation of South Korea. Both companies are recognized in the chemistry sector for their cutting-edge and ethical approach to operations.

    LACC is working to design, construct and then operate a 2 billion pounds per year ethylene production facility in Calcasieu Parish in Southwest Louisiana. In conjunction with and adjacent to the ethylene plant, Lotte is planning to design, construct and operate an MEG plant.